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Getting the Most Out of Pinterest Analytics

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Getting the Most Out of Pinterest AnalyticsIn this post Cynthia Sanchez, writer at Oh So Pinteresting teaches you how to utilize Pinterest’s new analytics in conjunction with PinLeague’s Pinterest analytics suite to ensure you make the most of your pinning.

As an avid Pinterest user and small business owner, when I heard that Pinterest launched its own Pinterest analytics feature, I was beyond thrilled. I was excited to see what information would be revealed that could help me improve my pinning strategy to drive more traffic back to my site and increase my following. However, when I took a look at it, I noticed right away, that there was something missing.

I have been using Pin League’s analytics dashboard for a couple of months and even though I’m not a “numbers person” I was able to learn a lot about my account on my very first visit. The graphs and charts are easy to understand and the data is easy to sort and organize.

Pinterest’s analytics feature is available to all accounts with a verified URL. While the data provided is helpful, I’ve found that there is information missing to really get an understanding of what is happening with my Pinterest account and if my pinning efforts are effective.

The numbers listed on the right side of Pinterest’s site metrics table are averages of the time frame selected. While averages are good, it would be more helpful to see the total numbers for the time frame selected. To get the total number for any of the categories, I must export the data into a csv file and add it all together. While that is not difficult, it is time consuming.

On the other hand, in Pin League’s analytics dashboard, I’m able to see total numbers from the time frame selected for account follower growth engagement and even follower growth by individual board.

Overall, the data that is offered though Pinterest’s analytics is about the numbers, and not much information is given about the people behind those numbers. It’s the people that visit our sites, consume our content and purchase our products and it is them we must keep in mind.

One area in Pinterest’s analytics where you can find information about the people is found within the Most Repinned section. When you click on an individual pin in this section, it enlarges and beside the Pin it button, the number of repins is shown. If I click the number, I can see who repinned this image. From this, I can see which Pinterest users are interested in my content and what other types of pins they are pinning. This gives me the opportunity to repin something from their account as a small way to say “thank you” and I can keep this information in mind when creating images for future pins.

The fans and influencers section of Pin League’s analytics dashboard is a great way to learn about the people behind some of the numbers, including those who can potentially have the largest impact on you Pinterest account. Here you can see who your most influential followers are organized by the number of followers they have.

If a follower with a large following pins your content, the potential for repins and in turn increased traffic to your site goes up significantly. If appropriate to your pinning strategy, it could be a good idea to follow and repin from these influential followers.

In Pinterest’s analytics there are some helpful hints that can help guide you in your pinning strategy. To access these, simply hover over the blue circles with the question mark in them on the right side of the Site Metrics page. Click on tips listed within the box that appears and a new box pops up that gives some very helpful hints on improving your numbers.

Since the first advertisement that appeared in 1700, a path towards one-way marketing and advertising began to evolve. Over time we lost contact with local shop keepers and moved into a world of large faceless corporate chains. Social media, including Pinterest, gives us an opportunity to connect with and establish relationships with our clients and customers.

Using Pinterest’s analytics along with Pin League’s analytics dashboard can give us insight into the effectiveness of our pinning efforts as well as guide us in directions that can build those relationships.


Cynthia Sanchez is a social media consultant with a specialization in Pinterest and writes at You can follow Cynthia on Pinterest or connect with her on Twitter.


This post was originally featured on the PinLeague blog as Getting the Most Out of Pinterest Analytics.



Cynthia Sanchez is a Pinterest marketing consultant and expert. Cynthia created, one of the early leaders in Pinterest education for businesses. Contact Cynthia on LinkedIn:

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