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“Guided Search is an approach to search that focuses on exploration, not information retrieval… It should be a lot less typing like this, and a lot more browsing like this. It should be fun, visual, fast.” — Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann

Pinterest is certainly changing the way people think about search engine tools. Pinterest Guided Search recently launched on the mobile version and it has the potential to greatly influence what users find on Pinterest. What makes this feature interesting is that it helps you discover things with suggested words and phrases from Pinterest. When using the search function for pin son the app, it offers up other possible words to include in your query. Every tap you make on suggested keywords to include refines your. This new feature really enhances  discovery on Pinterest and could lead you to things you might not even know that you’re searching for.

Pinterest now has 30 billion pins.  To make those pins even more accessible for people and not just limited to what these users are following, is one of the great benefits of this Guided Search.

So, how does this affect online businesses? How will this change the way online business owners use Pinterest to be more discoverable and searchable? A better understanding of how this new feature works can help you market your business more effectively on Pinterest

In this episode


Vincent Ng surprises us with two announcements, a personal one and another regarding the launch of his book, Pinterest to Profits with Pinterest with Pintalysis.

Pinterest’s Recently Launched Guided Search – Choose Your Own Adventure

Launched April 24th, the Guided Search tool for Pinterest on mobile devices seems to be a promising and interesting tool that users could love. Though it is only available on mobile devices for now, it could be available on the web and desktop soon. Vincent and I share our thoughts on this new tool as we discuss the best features that come with it such as how it suggests customer insights to improve search, how it can take on mobile local search, and more.

Vincent also reminds us of the SEO challenge to be more searchable and discoverable. Remember, Pinterest still relies on descriptions, keywords and texts and not on the image alone.

How to search for Group Boards using

With the number of group boards on Pinterest increasing every month, how do you search your way through to find the right group board to join? Vincent suggests which is a tool for finding group boards on Pinterest using different filters such as search by keywords, categories, number of followers, number of re-pin activities, etc.

How to use

Research is one of the most important things to do when looking for the right group board. Check their descriptions, activities, balance in the number of contributors with the number of followers, and make sure to take the time to visit those boards to check for yourself. See if it’s related to what you are looking for and if it’s relevant to you.

Vincent also discusses different ways on how to appropriately request to join a group board from

Pinterest Tip of the Week

Make sure that your Pinterest boards look professional and organized and that it communicates the message that you intend to send out. Doing this can help visitors to you account learn more about you and your business.

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Pinterest to Profits with Pinterest with Pintalysis by Vincent Ng (affiliate link)

Connect with Vincent Ng

MCNG Marketing

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Cynthia Sanchez is a Pinterest marketing consultant and expert. Cynthia created, one of the early leaders in Pinterest education for businesses. Contact Cynthia on LinkedIn:

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  • Hi - do you know if Pinterest has a natural bias towards rich pins within its search algorithm, or are they inherently better anyway simply by virtue of the extra information that they contain?

    • Hi Gary,

      I can't say for sure if they do but i would think that they would since they would have additional keyword information attached to them which makes them more searchable. Recipe rich pins are automatically categorized and product rich pins are put into the gifts category.

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