Marketing on Pinterest: Add a Price Tag to Products on Pinterest

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How to Add a Price Tag to Products on Pinterest

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Retailers and e-commerce sites, from behemoths to Etsy hobbyists,  are marketing their products on Pinterest to generate sales and brand awareness. To help, Pinterest has created a very simple way to add a price tag to a pinned image, so users know they can click through to purchase the item.

Adding a Price Tag to a Pin

Adding a price tag to your products on Pinterest is very easy. All you need to do is to include a dollar sign ($) or British pound sign (£) followed by the price to your pin description. This will display the price on your image in the form of a price tag “ribbon” in the corner of the picture:
Price Tags on Products on Pinterest


Pins with prices are eligible (but not guaranteed) to appear in the Gifts section on Pinterest:

Pinterest Gifts Section Price Tag



Should You Add Price Tags to Your Pins?

There is a bit of a divided school of thought on the issue of whether or not adding price tags to Pins can help or hinder your Pinterest marketing efforts. Harvard MBA Josh Yang decided to study the issue. What he found was that product pins with price tags and pins without price tags (of a similar product) were repinned at about the same rate – 5.5 times and 5.4 times respectively. Price tagged pins were liked at a slightly higher rate though – 1.4 likes per pin versus 1.1.

These results applied only to individual users though. When Yang changed his focus to pins created by brands, the results were rather different. Looking at nearly three thousand pins he found that the re pin rate dropped quite dramatically when a price tag was present. His theory is that to Pinterest users an individual using a price tag does not seem commercially driven, but when a brand adds a price to a product on Pinterest, it is perceived as an advertisement.

If you are not sure about adding price tags to your pins you could always try a little A/B testing by pinning some images with price tags and some without. This will allow you to see what difference a price tag makes for your unique business. Tailwind’s free Pinterest analytics dashboard can help you track the results of your test!

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