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Pinterest Consulting Package Giveaway

Great news, next month is the 1 year anniversary for Oh So Pinteresting! As this achievement has gotten closer, I’ve been brainstorming for ideas on how to celebrate.

I found the solution in Pat Flynn’s session at New Media Expo last week in Las Vegas. If you’re not familiar with Pat, he has an incredible online business blog and and podcast that you can find at

His session was all about the benefits of giving things away for free.  It was so inspirational that I’ve decided to give away a free Pinterest Consulting session to celebrate Oh So Pinteresting’s 1st anniversary!



What’s in a Pinterest Consulting Session?

A couple of months ago, Kristin Anderson, editor-in-chief at contacted me about helping her out with Pinterest. She said Our social media following on sites like Facebook and Twitter have gone up by about 200%. Pinterest, however, doesn’t seem to budge!

After a look at the site I noticed some quick and easy changes that could be made to help Haute Talk’s Pinterest presence grow.

  • There was no link to their Pinterest account in their social media buttons or any other indication that they could be found on Pinterest.
  • The pin it button would only appear only if a mouse was hovered over the images (not visible to mobile users)
  • Images were not watermarked with a url or  logo
  • They didn’t cross-promote Pinterest on other social media sites


Earlier this month,  I contacted Kristin to see how things were going for Haute Talk on Pinterest. She shared with me the changes they made and the great results they had.

  • They were unable to add a Pinterest icon to their existing social media buttons in their header, so they created a custom image to link to their Pinterest account and put it on their sidebar.
  • They added a floating social media sharing bar plugin that includes Pinterest
  • They created a custom tab for their Facebook page so their followers can see their Pinterest boards
  • They promote their Pinterest account directly on their site each Friday by creating a “Pins of the Week” post that links directly back to their Pinterest pins.
  • Original images are watermarked with the Haute Talk logo.
  • They sometimes include a link to their Pinterest account in a Facebook post or tweet.


These changes really paid off according to Kristin …the number of people coming to via Pinterest has more than tripled in the past month.”  They have also quadrupled the number of their Pinterest followers. 


Kristin has also found some added benefits to increasing their Pinterest presence, It’s been fantastic to be exposed to an array of bloggers who we would never have found if it were not for spotting images pinned from their sites. As we’ve seen our followers grow, I have a renewed excitement about Pinterest! Spending an hour combing boards and categories feels much more worthwhile–rather than just something I do for fun!


The FREE consulting session in the giveaway will include even more than I did for Haute Talk!

  • One initial 30 min Phone or Skype conference
  • Evaluation of how to make your current website or blog more pinnable
  • Evaluation of your Pinterest account
  • Written report of recommendations for website or blog and Pinterest account
  • One planning 30 min Phone or Skype conference to review recommendations
  • One follow-up 30 min Phone or Skype conference to review


Of course there are never any guarantees when it comes to social media but I hope the lucky winner of the Pinterest consulting giveaway becomes a smash hit on Pinterest.

As we’ve seen over the past year all sorts of business and bloggers have found an increase in site traffic and in sales because of Pinterest. If your website or blog isn’t one that’s geared to Pinterest’s current demographic of women, don’t let that keep you form entering, even the US Marine Corps has a Pinterest account.

The contest ends soon so enter now!


It has been one amazing year and Oh So Pinteresting would not be here with out the support of the readers. Thank you!  Here’s to many more years!



  1. Avatar

    Thanks so much for your wonderful assistance, and for featuring us in this post! Whoever wins this package will be very lucky indeed!

    And happy almost anniversary, too… 🙂

    • Avatar

      Kristin, thank you for sharing all Haute Talk’s results with us. It’s so exciting reaching this one year mark. It has been an amazing year and I know this next year will be even better thanks to people like you.

    • Avatar

      Talla, thank you for entering! Love your “Healthy Living in a Cinch” tagline!

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    Danae R.

    Way to go Cynthia. Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

  3. Avatar

    Happy 1 Year Anniversary! I recently discover your site, and love what you do.

  4. Avatar

    I’d love to know what I can do to make blog images more pinnable on my blog!

    • Avatar

      Hi Shannon, thanks for stopping by. Love the layout of your blog, all of the link parties are great!

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