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Doing Everything Yourself is Difficult

The Old Way

Stress about having to create and schedule all of your social & email from scratch

Spend hours struggling to find the right words & tweaking copy

Worry about whether your marketing is going to work

Settle for guessing at what’s working and what you should do next

The New Way

"Made For You" Marketing Powered by Tailwind's Advanced AI

Tailwind fueled her new business growth!

"My business revenue is up over 1,200%. Tailwind has helped me leverage my time and completely transform my business. Thank you!!"

Stacey Langford

Coghlan Cottage Farms

Tailwind Creates Great Marketing For You - You'll Get 90% of the Way to "Done" in Seconds Instead of Hours


A "Made For You" marketing plan that gives you hundreds of engaging post ideas.

Always know what to post next

Tailwind gives you post ideas and real-world examples — guiding you every step of the way — so you don’t stress about content creation.

Act with confidence

Your plan incorporates proven best practices so you can be sure you’re investing your time into the most impactful marketing.

Tailored to your unique business

Tailwind factors in your business type, time available, and more to select the campaigns that will generate the best ROI for you.

It’s like “easy mode” for marketing

With Tailwind’s new “Made for You” social posts, you don’t even have to create your own images or write your own copy. No, it’s not cheating (but it might feel like it).

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Instant AI copy personalized to match your tone and voice.

Copy on command

Ghostwriter instantly creates the copy you need. No more struggling to find the right words and no more writer’s block!

AI built just for small business marketing

Our AI produces near perfect copy because it’s trained on proven best practices that get results.

Match your brand, perfectly

Ghostwriter learns your unique brand voice and writing style so it creates copy that sounds just like you. Say “goodbye” to bland, robotic copy that sounds like AI.

Great copy for... everything.

Ghostwriter gives you 50+ specialized tools for everything from ads to video scripts to SEO-optimized web copy. It even creates ready-to-publish posts featuring your products and content.

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A 700% increase in targeted traffic!

"I had an average of 10 or 12 sessions a day and it jumped. My numbers have gone as high as 400! It was exactly what I wanted Tailwind to do. I wanted brand awareness."

Leanne Duckmanton

Vermilion Jewellery


Go from photo to professional-quality design in seconds.

"Made for you" social designs

Choose from one of our pre-made AI generated posts featuring your products, blog content, and brand. Or, just add a photo and get hundreds of designs to choose from.

Automatic personalized designs

Tailwind Create applies your colors, fonts, and logo to every design to give you a completely unique set of on-brand posts sized for each network and ready to share.

No design skill required

Start from 'almost done' with thousands of layout options, curated color palettes, and one-click edits. Impress your customers (and yourself) with professional designs!

Every size you need

Every design is already sized for each network and format so you never have to worry about resizing again.

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Schedule and distribute your
marketing - across networks and channels - from one integrated tool.

One calendar for all networks

Schedule and organize all your social marketing from a single, filterable, calendar. You’ve never been more organized.

The most powerful Hashtag finder

Reach more customers with a perfect mix of massively popular and hyper-relevant hashtags.

Maximize engagement with personalized post times

Tailwind identifies the exact times your unique audience is most responsive so you get the most engagement out of every post.

NEW: Marketing (literally) “Made for You”

Log in, choose from the social posts and Ads created just for you by our intelligent AI, and click “Schedule.” And Ads are optimized automatically to grow traffic for your store.

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Turn On “Easy Mode” for Your Marketing

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Start with a forever-free plan. No credit card required.