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Tailwind Pinterest Developer Partner

Earlier today, Pinterest named Tailwind an inaugural partner in the new Marketing Developer Partner program. This means we’ll have special access to the Content Publishing API, which allows us to help you do fun things like schedule Pins.

The major benefits of being an official API partner – faster product development, enhanced account security and user privacy protections – are honestly kind of boring to talk about. In short, having API access lets us serve you better each and every day.

So, perhaps the best way to see why Tailwind’s invitation to the new Marketing Developer Partnership program matters is in those “Wow” moments when a product just makes your life better:

1. When scheduling Pins frees you up to do the things you pinned

2. When you can manage multiple Pinterest accounts with a single login

3. When you schedule Pins from any website

4. When you schedule Pins from Pinterest’s mobile and tablet apps

5. When you create and publish beautiful Pins in one tool

6. When you shuffle lots of Pins to spread them out

7. When your analytics helps you Pin smarter

8. When you engage new customers 24/7 (even while asleep)!

9. When you then become the subject of customers’ dreams…

10. When you reach out for support and ACTUALLY FEEL SUPPORTED!

11. When you sell more on Etsy (or elsewhere)

12. When it “Saves Your Life.”

(Hopefully these were meant figuratively…)

If you aren’t already using Tailwind, we hope becoming an official Marketing Developer Partner might tip you over the edge to give us a try. Start your free trial now.

If that’s not enough, check out our live tweet wall for over 100 reviews of Tailwind, in users’ own words.

In the meantime, we’ll keep on working hard for you.

Pinterest Marketing Develeoper Partner Tailwind


Daniel Maloney is the CEO and Co-founder of Tailwind — your new Marketing team, helping you create social media designs, schedule posts, and optimize across Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest with one easy-to-use social media management tool. A veteran of the internet industry, Danny previously led New Initiatives at Google Maps / Local and YouTube, served as General Manager of AOL Video, and founded other companies in the fields of e-commerce and visual discovery prior to Tailwind. He’s passionate about business strategy, entrepreneurship, and growth!

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  1. Avatar

    I loved Tailwind before, now I’ll love it even more. Congrats and thanks for being a business app that treats me like I’m your good friend.

    • Avatar
      Danny Maloney

      Thank you, Carole. That’s music my ears. We’ve built the company for you from day 1. We like to think you as family, though- even more than a good friend!

  2. Avatar
    Sharon Milner

    Congratulations! You do such a great job with your customer service and improving Tailwind as a product. So glad to see this announcement.

  3. Avatar

    Congratulations!! Tailwind is already amazing! Excited to see what having direct access to the API will mean for the future of Tailwind and all of us, your customers.

    • Avatar
      Danny Maloney

      Thank you, Shane. We have some big things planned, so stay tuned. Lots of fun stuff coming up.

  4. Avatar

    Tailwind didn’t save my life, but it definitely helped me relax more on my vacation. I was able to schedule pins while in Tokyo so I didn’t need to worry as much. But I still pinned live when I was there. Thanks for making such an amazing tool!

    • Avatar
      Danny Maloney

      Vincent- your story is one of my favorites to-date about how Tailwind has impacted someone’s life. Glad that the trip went well! 🙂

  5. Avatar
    Elizabeth Hall

    I’m definitely a true fan of Tailwind. I’ve had some life events that prevented me from pinning. Thank goodness I had lots of Pins schedule. I’m loving Tailwind.

    • Avatar
      Danny Maloney

      Sorry to hear that, Elizabeth. I hope all is well with you! Also glad that we could help you through that time!

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