PinLeague Pricing Update: More Control, More Affordable

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At PinLeague, we pride ourselves on having a customer-centric philosophy. We believe your members should help shape this company as much as the team working to build PinLeague each day. That’s why we are constantly seeking feedback on everything from product features to our new brand name and -yes- pricing.

One area where we’ve received a lot of negative feedback this past year has been our Pinterest Analytics pricing model.

Our initial pricing model increased the price you pay based on the number of pins we track for you. It seemed like an interesting concept, but has fallen flat for a number of reasons:

  1. Poor Predictability: Most customers don’t closely monitor the number of pins we’re tracking for them; this leads to surprises at the end of the month, which is bad if you’re working within a budget.
  2.  Lack of Control: You can’t control the number of pins being generated by competitors or their users, let alone your own. This leads to an ever-increasing pin count with no way to scale back if you need to. That’s bad.
  3. Volume != Value: More pins being tracked doesn’t necessarily mean greater insights are derived. We should get paid for adding value, not just for units of effort.
  4. It’s Just Confusing.

We heard you, and decided it’s time to change our Pinterest Analytics pricing model.

We know, change is scary. But, in this case, we believe change will be very good for everyone.

Under the new pricing model, the average price per customer will decline ~50%.

That’s right. We know our competitors are asking $1,000 / month minimum to access fewer insights and less data. We don’t care. We are reducing our average price. Why?

  1. The Pinterest market is just starting to heat up. We want everyone to be able to participate, from start-ups and small businesses to the world’s largest enterprises (many of whom use us already).
  2. People love a good value. We will continue to be the best value in the market, hands-down.
  3. It will force us to be lean, focusing on your most important needs.

Effective July 22nd, we will be moving all existing accounts to a new PinLeague Analytics pricing model (you should have gotten an email about your account!). Unlike the old model, cost will not grow based on volume of pins tracked. Instead, you will be able to scale up or down based on which features you choose to make use of. This new model gives you control, predictability of spend and directly associates what you pay with what you get.

At launch, there will be five pricing tiers:

  1. Forever Free. We remain committed to offering the most best free Pinterest analytics.
  2. Basic – $29 / month. < $1 / day gets you 90 days of history, tracking 2 competitors, ROI monitoring and the core Profile and Content reports you love.
  3. Professional – $99 / month. Advanced reports across the dashboard, 180 days of history, deeper intel on 5 competitors, data export and more.
  4. Multi-Account – $199 / month. For serious Pinterest marketers, this level lets you keep tabs on 3 accounts within a single dashboard. Unlimited history, custom reports and more.
  5. Enterprise. For organizations with large or custom needs, we’ll still craft the right plan for you.

As always, you can change your pricing plan at any time from your PinLeague Subscription Settings page.

For more, check out our new pricing page or contact us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.
– Danny on behalf of the PinLeague team

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