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The Smartest Pinterest Scheduler

Join thousands of brands, bloggers and small businesses scheduling 100,000+ pins with Tailwind each day

  • Streamlined Workflow
  • Optimized Schedule
  • Easy to Start

Hours of Pinterest Management Accomplished in Minutes

Powerful bulk features and shortcuts help you intelligently schedule Pins throughout the day without tying up your busy schedule

Pinterest smart scheduling dashboard from Tailwind
  • Simple drag and drop control lets you reorder pins and shape your editorial calendar to your liking
  • Save groups of boards into custom lists and pin to all of them in one click
  • Use smart intervals to spread similar pins apart and comply with group board rules
  • Shuffle your queue to spare your followers from repetitive content
  • No more spreadsheets to track: Tailwind automatically tells you if you've already pinned something, when you last pinned it, and which boards you pinned it to
  • Tailwind’s mobile app lets you manage scheduled pins on the go

Create the Optimal Pinterest Schedule

Tailwind’s Smart Queue helps you pin at the best times, so your audience gets content when they're looking for it

Tailwind's Simple drag and drop Pinning schedule recommends the optimal times to Pin
  • Get recommended times to publish when Pinners are most engaged
  • Automatically optimize your pinning schedule over time to maximize your reach
  • Schedule Pins faster by adding pins to an automatically optimized queue, manually choose custom dates & times, or spread Pins out using intervals
  • Unlimited recurring timeslots help keep you on track to ensure you're always pinning at the best times
Tailwind's Simple drag and drop Pinning schedule recommends the optimal times to Pin

Simplify the Way You Publish Pins

Easily infuse Tailwind with new content from any source

Schedule Pinterest Pins directly from Pinterest with the Tailwind browser extension
  • Create and schedule multiple pins at once from anywhere on the web with our Browser Extension
  • Bulk upload directly into Tailwind from your computer
  • Clone pins across as many boards as you’d like
  • Schedule Repins directly from Pinterest on the web, iPad, iPhone, or Android device

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