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The Complete Instagram Listening Suite

Whether you’re tracking branded campaigns, researching trends, or connecting with influencers, you’ll never miss a beat

  • Hashtag Monitoring
  • Audience Management
  • UGC Management

Instagram Hashtag Monitoring

In-Depth Hashtag Insights

See emerging trends and learn how people engage with your brand on Instagram

Free Pin Scheduling Tool
  • Analyze daily activity, engagement and reach trends across any date range
  • See what’s trending right now and watch for spikes around popular topics and hashtags related to your brand
  • Measure hashtag activity by photo and video, and even view Instagram videos right from your dashboard
  • Discover trends for the best days and times to deliver content on any topic and maximize the reach of your campaigns
  • Identify location-based insights for engagement on your campaigns, or any other topic over time
  • Explore related hashtags and suggestions to target new audiences
Free Pin Scheduling Tool

Instagram Management

Love your customer and they'll love you back

Tap into targeted communities driving discussion on any topic

Free Pin Scheduling Tool
  • Identify relevant Influencers and brand advocates across time
  • Vet influencer content and interests to gauge fit with your brand, and follow them all without leaving Tailwind
  • Like and Comment on trending posts to reach more people, right from inside your dashboard
  • Learn who is driving adoption and engagement of specific posts or hashtags

Instagram User-Generated Content Management

Let your customers tell your story

Enrich your marketing campaigns with compelling user-generated content that your customers are already creating related to your brand

Comprehensive Instagram Management and Monitoring Tools

Find out how Tailwind can help you uncover trends beneath the most successful content and grow your audience